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Our POS systems are designed and built by the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry today, providing innovative, robust, touch screen solution to the market place. Our POS systems can be integrated with peripherals such as MSR, iButton, barcode scanner, customer-facing display, second monitor, and supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, POE, making it perfect for the retail and hospitality industries.

Customer-facing displays are at businesses around you. They can be line display, customer display, second monitor, which allow you to display transaction information to your customers. Customers can view their order, tax, discounts and loyalty information during the checkout process. Second monitor can help you to advertise your new products, hot products, sales promotion, special events, and shops information, which will definitely increase customer engagement and interaction at the point of sale.

Our Spotlight



Our Kiosk product line covers the various types of products: Photo Kiosk, Ordering Kiosk, Self-Checkout Machine, and we have newly developed Takeaway / Self-Pick Cube products in 2019, we expect this new product line will take Labau Technology to a new field of retail store equipment manufacturing.

Labau Technology has dedicated to developing and manufacturing Kiosk more than a decade, with our comprehensive professional R&D team coordinating mechanism, electronics, firmware, software and system integration, plus efficient, reliable and flexible manufacturing, our Kiosks have successfully deployed throughout Europe, America and Asia Pacific, and we have established the trusted long-term relationships with well-known leading companies.

Digital Signage

Labau Technology own an expert team in researching and developing digital display technology, and we have actively invested in creating Digital Signage product line, covering 4.3”, 5”, 7”, 8”, 10”, 10.1”, 11.6”, 13.3”, 15”, etc. Our digital signage products are ideal for extensive applications, like Desktop Signage, Floor Type Signage, Show-Windows Type Signage and Shelf Edge Signage.

 We are experienced and skilled in fully understanding customers’ needs to provide customization of mechanism and housing, make it easy for customers to install and maintain.h well-known leading companies.

Vehicle Electronics


For the purpose of serving customers and expanding product lines, Labau Technology get started to enhance industrial display to vehicle multimedia display conform to aftermarket installed products. Meanwhile, we has also started to develop instrument panel apply for industrial vehicles, such as electric stackers, power wheelchairs, and auto test equipment.

We have sufficient R & D expertise and manufacturing capabilities to offer vehicle electronics products, please feel free to let us know what we can do for you.

Our Spotlight


Labau Technology possesses more than 10-year experience of producing industrial control and digital display products, therefore we have gained favor by domestic and foreign customers and been awarded to participate in the projects of semi-medical field, including Bedside Display, Hospital Ticket Machine, and Intelligent Inflatable Cushion.

Semi-Medical products have fully demonstrated Labau Technology’s high quality and reliability, and we also look forward to more opportunities to make contribution to medical-related business.


With the rapid growing trend of digital mobile device, we are also actively researching and developing the related products and collaborating with world-class leading companies to start the projects. We have successfully launched E-Portable Reader and E-Price Tag to the market. Thanks to our 20-year experience of producing POS equipment and peripheral, our digital mobile devices have gained high rating from customers.

We treat the success of e-Reading product line is a stepping stone for Labau Technology to customize “consumer electronics”.