CUBE 100 Self-Pick Machine

-Modularized design, the CUBE size can be customized without changing control box and cable

-Customized colors to show your style

-Top-opening or Side-opening door available

-One control board operates 32 CUBE

-Internal light lit up when CUBE is in service

-You can freely arrange CUBE vertically and/or horizontally to fit the shop space

-Safety mechanism, the door retracts as soon as it encounters resistance

-We will provide API to simplify the development of software

* Outer Dimension: (H) 32.6 cm x (W) 28.9 cm x (D) 32.5 cm

* Inner Dimension: (H) 24.7 cm x (W) 24.8 cm x (D) 30.8 cm

* Outer Dimension: (H) 40.2 cm x (W) 56.0 cm x (D) 37.6 cm

* Inner Dimension: (H) 36.2 cm x (W) 52.0 cm x (D) 35.5 cm


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