LM381_LCD Customer Display (New!)


Extremely Bright, Support Katakana, Japanese

Product description:

– High-quality 3×32/4×32/3×16/4×16 LCD display
– Choice of Interface: USB / RS232
– Support US English, Katakana, Japanese
– Brightness: 500 Nits with Super wide viewing Angle
– Power input 5V only by USB
– OPOS/JPOS driver is standard.


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                          LM381 LCD Customer Display

Specification LM381
Display Mode STN LCD
Resolution 256 x 64 Dots
Display Color 500 cd/m2
Dot Size 0.659(H) x 0.683(V) mm
Dot Pitch 0.679(H) x 0.703(V) mm
Number of characters 3×32/4×32
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Character font 8×16/16×16 Dots
Character type 95 Alphanumeric, 37 International Characters
Character size 5.43(H) x 11.25(V) mm / 10.86(H) x 11.25(V) mm
Active area 173.8 (W) x 44.97 (H) mm
Viewing Angle θT Ø=90°(12 o’clock) 35 degree
θB Ø=270°(6 o’clock) 20 degree
θL Ø=180°(9 o’clock) 35 degree
θR Ø=0°(3 o’clock) 35 degree
Download characters 128
Module Dimension 181(L) x 59(W) x 10.6(D)mm
Top Head Dimension 200(L) x 75(W) x 17(D) mm
Pole Dimension Ø33.5 mm L:130mm
Base Dimension 159.8(W) x 100(D) x 61(H) mm
Horizontal Rotation Max. 332°
Vertical Rotation 0° ~ 45° (3 steps, 4 positions)
Commands Mode ULTIMATE, LD220, Aedex, UTC/S, UTC/E, ADM788, DSP800,
CD5220, EMAX, Logic Controls
Language Support US English, Katakana, Japanese
Interface USB / RS-232(serial) 9600 or 19,200 bps
Reliability(MTBF) 30,000 hours
Power Consumption 5~12 VDC
EMC/Safety standards FCC, CE